In the search for a voice-over for your commercial, your choices are vast. It’s important though, that you choose the right voice-over . Google ‘Male voice-over’, and you’ll see a page filled with voice-over clearing houses. Many are great sources with hundreds of voice-over talent listed, ranging from seasoned professionals to hobbyists interested in earning extra cash. Who can blame them? The idea of reading a :30 or :60 script – maybe 5-minutes’ worth of work and earning a few dollars in your spare time is appealing. It’s worth a few minutes of a voice-over talent’s time to make even $5 for 5-minute’s work. But is it worth it to you?
Think about how important that first impression is to your potential customer: does your voice-over convey your passion? Inspire confidence? Deliver your message in a way that clearly explains your unique selling proposition?
As your voice-over talent I represent your brand, and I take my role seriously. My guarantee to you is to deliver your message with a voice-over backed by over 30 years of experience in presenting the most compelling argument for your audience to pick up the phone. Find you online. To want to get to know you better. Ultimately, to do business with you. I’ll find the most important words. Twist a phrase. Pause for maximum effect. Reveal deeper meaning through perfect inflection.
Voice-over is my profession, and I pride myself on helping local, regional and national clients just like you- to get results. Take a listen to my commercial voice-over samples here, and then let’s talk. I’d love to be your go-to voice-over!